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Skin Care Tips — Makeup

Valentine’s Day Beauty Prep

Valentine’s Day is coming fast, and what better way to prepare than doing some primping and prepping and planning a getaway at the day spa? Here are some beauty tips we’ve put together to help you get ready for this holiday of love: Get an eyebrow wax – This is a great way to clean up your brows and get rid of stubborn and stray hairs.  Many people might not realize it, but eyebrows frame your face.  It’s important to groom and maintain your brows, and the finished product really completes your look.  You don’t need to wax your eyebrows...

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Mascara 101

Mascaras are used to enhance the look of eyelashes. Some lengthen and define, others add volume and dramatic thickness.  Some give a deep black effect, while others come in softer versions of brown, or tinted blue or green.  They give lashes an extra boost of texture and intensity, often bringing out eyes’ natural color, and adding just the right touch to a makeup look. For many women, and just about all makeup artists, mascara is a necessity.  It makes eyes look wider, more awake, and enhances a woman’s beauty.  You can help to create a light, natural look, or a...

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Find Your Foundation Fit

Finding your perfect foundation shade can be very tricky.  It’s not just a simple, “fair, light, medium, dark” deal.  There is of course the difference of the light, medium, and darker shades, but there are cool tones, warm tones, pink undertones, yellow undertones.  You need to find the shade that’s right for you, so that you aren’t walking around with a completely wrong shade of face makeup on for your skin tone, especially if it doesn’t match your neck and other areas of your body. Sometimes it’s trial and error to find the exact right product and shade for yourself,...

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Create a Flawless Canvas of Makeup


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