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Finding your perfect foundation shade can be very tricky.  It’s not just a simple, “fair, light, medium, dark” deal.  There is of course the difference of the light, medium, and darker shades, but there are cool tones, warm tones, pink undertones, yellow undertones.  You need to find the shade that’s right for you, so that you aren’t walking around with a completely wrong shade of face makeup on for your skin tone, especially if it doesn’t match your neck and other areas of your body.

Sometimes it’s trial and error to find the exact right product and shade for yourself, but women spend a lot of wasted money on shades that are completely wrong for them.  Figure out what skin tones your have – you might have pale skin with a pink undertone, you might have olive skin with a neutral or yellow undertones, or dark skin with a red undertone.  A common way to figure out your skin tone is to look at the color of your veins on the inside of your wrists or underside of your forearm. If the veins are a blue color, then you have a cool tone. Rosy or beige tones are also usually on the cool side. If your veins are green and blue, your skin is probably a neutral tone. If your skin has a yellow undertone of olive tone, you are considered warm.  If green or yellow, then you probably have a warm skin tone.

If you aren’t able to tell, try going to your local makeup counter to ask for advice on what skin tone you are, what undertones your skin has, and if you should look for foundation shades with pink, yellow, or a neutral tone.  (You should feel comfortable asking these questions without feeling pressured to buy anything at that moment.  Beauty advisers are there to help, and assume that you might be a possible future customer.)

Dermalogica offers a lightweight Treatment Foundation that is perfect for not only a tint of natural coverage, but it provides flawless coverage while moisturizing and protecting skin.  It blends seamlessly into your skin for a natural finish that doesn’t look artificial or too “made-up”.

This foundation is a beloved Dermalogica product – just check out some of the amazing reviews, straight from What Great Skin’s website:

“I have used this product exclusively for at least 8 years now. I’ve always had a hard time finding “the right shade” in a foundation and this product line has many choices. I love that it is lightweight and has NEVER caused my face to breakout. It is not a matte finish – it is more of a moisturized look so you might need some powder by late in the day if you are active, oily or it is super hot. I love it!”

“I have a lot of trouble finding foundation that doesn’t make me break out and also doesn’t look cakey or fake. This foundation goes on sooo lightly, almost like a light moisturizer and it actually helps to prevent breakouts. I have forgotten to wash my face at night before and if I did that with another foundation I would break out the next morning, but with this, I’ve had no problems. It blends in nicely with my skin and I’m extremely pale and that makes it difficult to find a foundation that matches my skin tone.”

Whether your skin type is normal, dry, oily, or sensitive, you can use this foundation,  choose from the 8 available shades, and you’ll be hooked!

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