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Lightening Serum 1oz

$ 46.00

Lightening Serum battles hyperpigmentation with a highly effective combination of lighteners, melanin inhibitors, and mild exfoliants. This serum is recommended for all skin types with hyperpigmentation.

Apply a small amount to affected areas once or twice daily or as directed. Limit daily use to 6 months, wait 1-2 months before resuming. Reduce frequency of use or discontinue use if irritation occurs.

A patch test is highly recommended 24-48 hours prior to treatment.

Sun alert: The AHAs in this product may increase sun sensitivity. Wear a sunscreen daily.

It is particularly important to practice good sun protection during a skin brightening treatment. Unprotected or excessive sun exposure can delay or inhibit results, or even exacerbate existing pigmentation problems.

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