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Age Reversal Eye Complex .5oz

Age Reversal Eye Complex .5oz

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Reverse multiple signs of aging with this breakthrough treatment specifically formulated for the delicate eye area. Targets concerns of the eye area, primarily wrinkles and crowäó»s feet plus puffiness, dark circles due to hyperpigmentation and skin sensitivity due to dehydration.

This product contains Retinol. Start using alternate nights, for the first two weeks. As skin responds and increases tolerance, build up to using nightly. After cleansing, smooth and pat around the eye area working from the outer corner, inward.

Due to the cell renewal effects of Retinol, avoid using any other exfoliating skin products around the eye area. Discontinue use 3 to 5 days prior and post to any brow waxing treatments. This product contains Vitamin A. Consult a physician prior to use on pregnant women.

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