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Skin Care Tips — Teen Skin Care

Get Prom or Wedding Ready Skin in Time For Spring

Spring isn’t just known for its lovely flowers and mild weather. It’s also prime prom and wedding season, which means there are plenty of us that are desperate to have healthy, glowing skin for a big day.  Both proms and weddings mean plenty of photos, and whether they’re preserved for posterity in a keepsake photo album or your friends’ Facebook pages, you want to look your best on a night that you’re going to look back on for the rest of your life. Whether you have good skin to begin with or struggle with skin issues, you can make your...

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Must-Have Shaving Products for Men and Women

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5 Best Skin Care Products for Teenage Girls


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Teenage Skin

As we age, many of us fondly remember our teenage years. One thing most forget though is the angst caused by teenage skin and the problems socially, mentally and physically it causes. Between an increase of hormones coursing through changing bodies, the new sense of awareness of their place in the world and a physical attraction to that certain person gives any young person plenty of concerns. Then Mother Nature adds to the pile with acne. Almost every teenager will suffer, and that is the best word to describe it, suffer through bouts of pus-filled zits, a crown of blackheads...

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