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Skin Care Tips — Skin Smoothing Cream

Go from Work Hours to Happy Hour

After a long day at work, you might be ready to head out with some friends for some fun, but you might not feel like you look ready.  Of course after hours of sitting behind a desk or running around to meetings, you might look a little run-down and dull.  But have no fear, Dermalogica has some great products that will freshen you up and give you that second wind you need to enjoy some after-hour fun. First, wipe away the day’s stresses with Dermalogica’s Skin Purifying Wipes.  It gets rid of any dirt or bacteria that may have gotten...

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Top 10 Dermalogica Skin Care Products

As Dermalogica’s Largest Internet Reseller and a Dermalogica Circle member, we’ve enjoyed sharing Dermalogica Skin Care Products with thousands of satisfied customers around the world.       

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Active Moist Antioxidant Hydramist Daily Microfoliant Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery Intensive Moisture Balance Multi-Active Toner MultiVitamin Power Firm Skin Smoothing Cream Special Cleansing Gel Super Rich Repair