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Skin Care Tips — Shaving

Skincare Products for Men

Men are from Mars; women are from Venus… or at least, that’s how the saying goes. One area where men and women are definitely different is skincare, both in terms of their needs and their preferences. Guys don’t want to follow a complicated, multi-step regime that requires slathering on a bunch of serums and creams. They usually don’t like using products marketed mainly to women either, which can be an issue since most skincare lines do target female customers. And some guys just feel a little silly or vain if they start using a cream designed to get rid of...

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Must-Have Shaving Products for Men and Women

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Stunning Summer Legs

It’s summer, and whether you cross your legs demurely at your ankles or sit cross-legged ready to jump into action, you want your legs to be satiny smooth. Some of the very summer activities where you want your legs to look their best are also harsh on the skin. Swim in a chlorated pool or frolic in the ocean and within minutes of emerging from the water you can feel the tightening of skins cells. If you are in your teens or early to mid 20’s chances are by just washing off after a swim and removing hair with a Soothing...

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A Better Shave for Men

For men, shaving is a routine, monotonous task.  It takes time out of their day, and depending on how sensitive their skin is, it can also be painful, resulting in red bumps, ingrown hairs, nicks, and cuts. Although most men probably don’t know it, there are some helpful tips and reliable products, to help make shaving a more enjoyable and less treacherous experience. Exfoliate – Exfoliating scrubs will help get rid of any dirt and impurities on the skin, while also opening up pores to remove dead skin cells, and allow hair to raise to the surface for easier shaving. ...

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