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Skin Care Tips — Pevonia Botanica

Caviar for Your Skin

I’m sure you have heard of caviar – the lavish delicacy made up of roe (fish eggs) and salt.  There is a wide variety of caviar, depending on the specific waters where these fish live, and the type of fish it is (wild fish in certain waters, for instance, from the Black Sea, produce more expensive and authentic grades of caviar).  Caviar ranges in flavor, texture, color, and size, but it isn’t just a gourmet hors d’oeuvres. Since caviar is packed with nutrients, it can also be used for other purposes besides enjoying as a delicious treat.  Caviar is chock-full...

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Don’t Forget About Your Feet!

When you think about caring for your skin, you probably often forget an essential body part that needs attention and moisturization – your feet! Think about how much abuse your feet take – you are on them most of the day, and whether your job requires you to be on-the-go, our you are sitting at your desk. They sit in your shoes all day long, and are often not properly cared for.  Perhaps once in a while you get a pedicure, but you should be taking care of your feet on a daily, or at least weekly, basis.  They may...

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Teen Skin Care Tips

Teenage years are a critical time to begin taking vital care of skin in order to keep skin healthy, hydrated, and to slow down the visual aging process.  If you aren’t a teen, you most likely have a family member in the teenage age range, or perhaps you know a pre-teen who might soon need this skin care advice. Starting to care for your skin at an early age will help to impose good skin care habits, helping create a daily routine that can help you maintain your beautiful, soft skin as you get older. When starting out with teenage...

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