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Skin Care Tips — GloTherapeutics

The Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid

When it comes to skin care, there are certain ingredients that seem to get all the buzz. Retinol, alpha hydroxy acid, and antioxidants like Vitamins A, C and E are all touted as powerful allies in the fight against premature aging, and trendy ingredients like green tea, collagen, and peptides get plenty of attention in beauty magazines. However, if you’ve got dry or mature skin, there’s a lesser known but just as effective ingredient that you should get to know a little better. Hyaluronic acid. Despite its name, hyaluronic acid isn’t an exfoliating ingredient like alpha hydroxy acid. Instead, it’s...

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Preventing Fine Lines and Wrinkles

There’s a cliché that gets bandied about quite a bit when it comes to fighting fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of premature aging. The best anti-aging treatment is prevention. But clichés are often clichés for a reason – because they’re true. Whether you’re in your twenties or early thirties, it’s never too early to start fighting the visible signs of aging. In fact, the earlier you start a good, targeted skin care regime, the longer you can put off those pesky little fine lines that give away your age just as readily as your driver’s license. You’ve probably heard...

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GloTherapeutics’ GloConditioning Collection For Healthier, Better-Looking Skin

Who doesn’t want healthy, better looking skin? No matter one’s age, improving the look and texture of the skin is a never ending journey. However, with the help of an effective skin care line from GloTherapeutics, this daunting goal can be easily achieved, and in no time. GloTherapeutics offers revolutionary skin care products that focus on improving the skin’s look and texture by revitalizing its current state. Their GloConditioning collection is great for dry, aging, sensitive, normal or combination skin. These special skin care products are designed to be used in conjunction with each other in order to achieve optimal results. They...

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Finding the Right Toner

When it comes to skin care, there’s one group of products that always seems to elicit a little controversary. Toners. Some people swear by them, insisting that their skin doesn’t really feel clean until they’ve swiped or spritzed their face with one.  Others dismiss them as a bad idea, citing their tendency to dry out the skin as proof that they’re not a necessary part of a skin care routine. Unfortunately, most people don’t really understand what a toner is meant to do, which is the cause of much of the debate. If you’re not sure what your toner is...

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Get Brighter, Clearer Skin

Whenever we catch a glimpse of celebrities strolling the red carpet at award shows and movie premieres, it’s not just their stunning gowns and skyscraper heels that catch our eyes.  Under all those bright lights and barrage of flash bulbs, it’s their glowing skin that really inspires envy – especially if you find a dull, lackluster complexion staring back at you in the bathroom mirror. Whether you’re getting older, worship the sun, or smoke, your skin can become dull for a variety of reasons.  Having a bright, clear complexion isn’t impossible, though it does require the right products to bring a little...

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