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Skin Care Tips — Eye Makeup

Protect the Delicate Skin Under Your Eyes with Potent Anti-aging Ingredients

Perhaps as a teen you dealt with unsightly dark circles. If you are a young woman, fine lines and puffiness might be part of your under eye woes. And if you’re creeping past your 30s and into your 40s, you now have dark circles, fine lines, puffiness and permanent wrinkles to contend with. The thin skin under the eyes is one of the first areas to betray your age, unless you target that area with topical treatments designed to eliminate wrinkles, firm crinkled skin and lighten dark circles. If you want to keep your undereye area looking youthful, be sure...

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Mascara 101

Mascaras are used to enhance the look of eyelashes. Some lengthen and define, others add volume and dramatic thickness.  Some give a deep black effect, while others come in softer versions of brown, or tinted blue or green.  They give lashes an extra boost of texture and intensity, often bringing out eyes’ natural color, and adding just the right touch to a makeup look. For many women, and just about all makeup artists, mascara is a necessity.  It makes eyes look wider, more awake, and enhances a woman’s beauty.  You can help to create a light, natural look, or a...

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