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Skin Care Tips — De-stress Tips

Manage Breakouts & Stresses for Great Skin

Whether money, a relationship, world peace or who will win on “Dancing with the Stars” is causing you anxiety – calm down. Well documented is the effect of stress for playing havoc with your health from the loss of hair to the demise of your sex drive. Then there is the unfortunate equation of stress plus skin. The result, whatever your skin type, sensitive or oil, combination, dry or normal, is usually breakouts. Blame it on your body’s chemistry. Tension is the catalyst for your body to overproduce certain hormones like cortisol. Under the right conditions, cortisol is a good...

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Little Luxuries for De-Stressing

With all the stresses of life, it’s important to treat yourself on a daily or weekly basis – even if it’s with small and inexpensive things.  Stress can take a huge toll on your body and mind, including skin, nail, and hair problems, as well as contribute to anxiety and depression. Stress itself can trigger or increase the severity of skin irritations including rosacea and psoriasis.  And can cause hives, blisters, dermatitis, and break down the skins’ barrier, causing further dehydration. Each individual’s skin might react differently to stress.  Sometimes oil is overproduced, pores become clogged, and skin is prone...

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