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Skin Care Tips — Clarisonic

The Truth About Serums

Perhaps one of the most sought after skin care helpers on the market is the serum. What are serums you ask? Serums are highly concentrated liquids that are designed to target specific skin problems in specific areas. Most serums are intended to help fight the signs of aging. Although there are many serums on the market, choosing the right type of serum for your needs will ensure you get the best results. Truly this can be a factor which makes all the difference in the results you’ll see. Selecting from top quality products is a great way to increase the chances that...

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Revitalize Your Skin with Facial Masks

Whether your skin is looking less healthy or you simply want to give it a boost, masks are a great way to accomplish this. I have tried countless to find the ones that work best for my specific skin type (normal with combination skin in my t-zone). The following masks are some of the best on the market and will leave your skin feeling clean, refreshed and revitalized, no matter your skin type. When choosing a mask, pay attention to what skin type it is best for. Some masks contain ingredients that aren’t the best for sensitive skin and could cause a...

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Clarisonic – What One Is For Me?

As someone with combination skin (oily on the eyelids, dry around the nose and on the cheeks and normal everywhere else), finding skin care products that match your skin tone is important, and can often time be difficult. With the help of a new skin care tool, the Clarisonic, men and women alike with different types of skin can enjoy cleaner, healthier-looking skin in no time. Choosing a skin care tool that properly cleanses and exfoliates the skin is important. By utilizing a Clarisonic, your skin is given the ability to breathe and grow without oil, dirt or other irritants on...

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Cleansing 101


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Top 6 Fall Skin Care Must-Haves

A new season brings a new wardrobe and most importantly, a new skin care routine. With the change in weather, the air we breathe in and that touches our skin all day long, also changes during Autumn. Our skin is the largest part of our body. This means it should be nurtured so that it is clean, moisturized and most importantly,  protected from the sun, everyday. These must-have products will keep your skin looking its best this fall. Top 6 Fall Skin Care Must Haves Clarisonic Mia Nothing treats skin like Clarisonic. This professional and easy-to-use skincare product gives the...

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