Skin Care Ingredients

Ever wonder what ingredients are involved in creating your favorite Dermalogica, Bioelements, or other leading skin care products? Wonder no more! We have compiled a list of popular skin care ingredients and provide a bit of insight into each of the ingredients and how they help contribute to your great looking skin.

Balm Mint Balm Mint
Balm Mint (Melissa Officinalis) works as an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Providing soothing for skin.
Quillaja Saponaria Quillaja Saponaria
Soapbark (Quillaja Saponaria) is derived from the dried inner bark and works as a gentile natural cleanser.
Lavender - Lavandula Lavender
Lavender (Lavandula) works as an anti-inflammatory and skin soothing agent. Provides great cleansing, healing and soothing properties.
Mallow Mallow
Mallow (Malva sylvestris) offers anti-inflammatory properties to help prevent age lines, and provides natural hydration to soothe and refresh your skin.
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