Travel Necessities

Whether you are traveling overnight, or for an extended stay, you need to ensure that you are still taking care of your skin.  Instead of lugging around full-sized bottles of cleansers, exfoliators, moisturizers, and creams, Dermalogica has made it easy with their large selection of travel-size products.  This post is going to outline some of the must-have Dermalogica products that are essentials for your travels.

Overnight trip

If you are just doing a one-night overnight trip, your toiletries bag doesn’t have to be filled to the brim with skincare products.  You need to choose a couple of great products that cover all of your needs. Travel Size Essential Cleansing Solution – Just like the product name states, this is your essential cleanser.  It’s a milky cleanser that gently lifts impurities and removes makeup. This soothing emulsion rinses off easily, leaving your skin refreshingly clean, soft and supple.  This is great for traveling because a little goes a long way, and it handles removing makeup and gently cleanses all in one shot.


If you are heading out for 2-3 days, you might need a few more things to fulfill your skin care needs.I would still recommend either the Essential Cleansing Solution or the Clearing Skin Wash.  The Clearing Skin Wash is a non-irritating, naturally foaming cleanser for oily and blemish-prone skin.  It has salicylic acid to promote natural exfoliation of dead skin cells (which may clog pores and lead to blemishes).  It has sooth ingredients including: balm mint, eucalyptus, tea tree, burdock and camphor extracts to soothe and calm the skin.
For your body, the Conditioning Body Wash is a must.  It’s a rich, skin-conditioning botanical cleanser for the entire body, and it thoroughly cleanses the skin, leaving it feeling soft and silky.  It uses essential oils of  Tea Tree, Lemon, Eucalyptus and Rosemary to gently purify, without stripping the skin’s own natural moisturizers.  The soothingly fragrant essential oils of Sandalwood, Lavender, Orange and Clary Sage moisturize the skin, leaving it smooth and conditioned.
Hydro-Active Mineral Salts are another great travel item to keep in handy.  You can use them a salt scrub or a relaxing mineral soak. Nutrient-rich dead dea salts, kelp extracts, and exfoliating enzymes are combined with sandalwood, lavender and lemon for a daily spa experience wherever you are.

Extended Stay

If you are going on a longer trip (lucky you!), Dermalogica has something even better for you – Travel kits!  These all-in-one kits have all of your specific skincare needs in a simple, convenient package.  Their travel kits include: Daylight Defense Kit, Dry Skin Kit, Normal/Dry Skin Kit, Normal/Oil Skin Kit, Oily Skin Kit, Spa Body Therapy Kit, and UltraCalming Treatment Kit.  Most kits include: a cleansing gel, toner, scrub, moisturizer, and eye care product.
If you are heading on a trip to a severe-climate area, be sure to also check out Dermalogica’s travel size Climate Control Lip Treatment, and their Antioxidant Hydramist. With these travel-friendly products, you can rest assured that your skincare needs are all taken care of.
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