You’re So Sensitive…

Sensitive skin is a problem that a large number of people deal with every day.  It comes in different forms, but it’s a struggle for all.  People with sensitive skin want to make sure they cleanse and moisturize their skin properly, but often have reactions to certain products or ingredients, leaving them frustrated.

Bioelements has created a collection of products specifically for sensitive skin, to provide superior quality skincare products specialized for sensitive needs.

Bioelements’ Sensitive Skin Cleanser is an extra-gentle cleanser with complexion-calming oils to melt away makeup, pollutants and excess sebum (oil secreted from your glands) without any irritating side effects.  A touch of water is all it takes to transform this cleanser into a foam that easily rinses away, leaving sensitive skin soft, comfortable and sparkling clean.  It helps strengthen skin’s protective barrier against moisture loss and irritation.

The Calmitude Hydrating Solution (Sensitive Skin Facial Mist) is a wetter than water, ultra-calming solution of white tea and licorice root extracts that instantly relieves dehydration.  It reduces redness and encourages skin to build up the protective barrier needed to defend against environmental irritants.  With continued use, skin becomes stronger, more comfortable and less reactive to daily stressors.

Bioelements’ Calmitude Sensitive Skin Moisturizer was created for intolerant complexions, and formulated with a biologically advanced blend of desensitizing extracts.  It is free of irritants that can upset delicate skin, and helps strengthen skin’s protective barrier while addressing the root cause of visible redness and irritation.  With this moisturizer, dryness is relieved and smoothness is restored.  Skin becomes stronger, more comfortable and less reactive to aggravating stressors.

Bioelements’ Stress Solution is a product that any and every one can use.   It’s a lightweight, skin-smoothing serum that protects against visible irritation caused by aggressive over-exfoliation, environmental irritants and chronic sensitivity.  It calms and cools stressed skin, locks in moisture, and smoothes and improves texture.  It is helpful for sensitive skin, especially for those dealing with Rosacea, and is also highly recommended for something almost everyone has to deal with one time or another – sunburns!  It soothes and calms skin and helps during the burning and peeling stages (although you should always protect your skin with SPF products to avoid sunburns and skin damage!).

Another option for sensitive skin is the Bioelements “All Things Pure” collection, which features several products including a cleanser, a moisturizer and a scrub.  This system uses all-natural ingredients, contains organic plant extracts to calm and tone, and is soap and sulfate free.  This is a great option for people who have skin that is easily irritated by chemical ingredients.  The “All Things Pure” collection was awarded the Natural Products Association Seal, verifying that it truly uses natural and organic ingredients.

Bioelements provides a great range of products for all skin types and issues, and their sensitive skin products are created with your needs in mind.

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