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Toners are sometimes an overlooked skin product, and although sometimes not needed, depending on your skin type and the other products you are using, it’s important to learn about them and know what they do and how they can help.

Toner products are usually made up of water, a humectant and alcohol.  Humectants are molecules that help the hydration of the skin, by storing moisture in the upper levels of the skin.  Toners are designed to purify and cleanse the skin of impurities, help remove oil and prevent breakouts, and shrink the appearance of pores.

A skin freshener is the mildest toner.  They contain water, a humectant ingredient and a very small percentage of alcohol.  Skin freshener toners are gentle on the skin, and appropriate for dry, dehydrated, sensitive and normal skins.

A skin tonic usually contains water, a humectant, antiseptic ingredients and a larger percentage of alcohol.  They are usually used on normal, combination and oily skin.

Astringents are the strongest toner product, and are usually made up of anywhere from 20%-60% alcohol, along with water and a humectant ingredient.  Due to the high alcohol percentage, astringents are typically used on oily skin, to dry out overly oily areas.  Something important to note is that this should be used only on oily spots of the skin, rather than all over the face.  This is because sometimes removing so much oil from the skin can encourage the skin to produce even more oil, so use astringents sparingly.

Bioelements has 2 great products that fall into the Toner/Tonic category, which we are going to explore.

Their Equalizer is actually an alcohol-free toner laced with Chinese herbs, chamomile and aromatherapy oils to strengthen and calm skin.  Refreshing and gentle, each spritz hydrates and revitalizes, and preps the skin for moisturizer application.  Since it is alcohol free, this can be used on even the most sensitive skin without drying it out.  It is able to remove dirt that cleansers sometimes can’t, and it leaves skin glowing.  To apply, after cleansing, close eyes and spritz all over the face and neck area. Gently massage into skin, leaving it slightly moist.  Follow by applying your favorite Bioelements moisturizer.

Bioelements’ Power Peptide is a spritz-on tonic that saturates skin with moisture, improving its ability to absorb the key anti-aging peptides and extracts.  This power-packed formula keeps surface skin layers moist, hydrated and nourished for a revitalized and younger-looking appearance.  This gives skin a youthful radiance and revitalizes skin with renewing peptides.  It boosts moisture and brightens and refines skin tone.

Whether you are looking for a refreshing product that removes excess dirt and leaves skin revitalized, or something that has hydrating and anti-aging ingredients, Bioelements’ Toner and Tonic selection can fit your needs.

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