GloLightening, Go GoLightening!

Hyperpigmentation is a skin issue where areas of the skin are darkened, caused by an excess production of melanin – the primary determinant of skin color. Sun damage, cystic acne, certain diseases or other skin injuries can cause this.

Age spots are one form of hyperpigmentation – they come in a smaller form and are usually caused by exposure to sunlight. Then there is melasma, which take on a larger form and are often attributed to hormonal changes including pregnancy and medication.

GloTherapeutics has created their gloLightening Serum to battle discoloration with a highly effective combination of lighteners, melanin inhibitors and mild exfoliants. Additional ingredients complement the lightening process with benefits that help support the skin’s health, strength and brightness.

Sun alert: The AHAs in this product may increase sun sensitivity, so make sure to wear a sunscreen daily.

 It is particularly important to practice good sun protection during a skin brightening treatment. Unprotected or excessive sun exposure can delay or inhibit results, or even exacerbate existing pigmentation problems.

Key Ingredients:

2% Hydroquinone: A skin lightener that inhibits the synthesis of melanin. If used properly, it is effective, but it can also cause skin sensitivity.

Kojic Acid: An effective inhibitor of melanin synthesis that is derived from Japanese mushroom. It also inhibits pigment from forming in plant and animal tissues, and is used as a preservative in food – on fruits to prevent browning and rotting, and also used to preserve the pink color in some seafood products. It has antibacterial and antifungal benefits, and is also used as a preservative in cosmetics products, as well as to lighten skin.

Azelaic Acid: A grain-derived compound effective against skin discolorations. It has been used to treat mild to moderate acne (it helps stop the growth of skin bacteria, which also keeps pores clear). It has also been used for treatment of rosacea because of it’s ability to reduce inflammation. It has also been used to treat hyperpigmentation by reducing the synthesis of melanin.

Lactic & Salicylic Acids: Exfoliates the skin to accelerate the lightening process

Ascorbic Acid: An antioxidant that strengthens collagen, enhances elasticity, assists in skin brightening and helps accelerate repair.

Apply a small amount to affected areas once or twice daily or as directed. Limit your daily use to six months, and wait one to two months before resuming. Reduce frequency of use or discontinue use if irritation occurs.

A patch test is highly recommended 24-48 hours prior to treatment.

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