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Too often we find ourselves hoping for better skin. In preparation for the upcoming Winter months, restoring the skin’s natural balance will become a priority along with preparing our Winter closet. Summer is over and so too are the harsh elements we exposed ourselves to during the long days of pure sunshine, humidity and indulgence. Time for preparing and repairing our skin’s natural luster and what better time to do that than now.

Resurfacing our skin is essential to maintain a well balanced skin type and selecting a resurfacing regiment is just as important. Naturally, we would like to customize our treatment to our skins needs and see results that speak louder than words.

Dermalogica’s three-in-one resurfacing treatment smooths, brightens and balances your skin, helping to reduce the signs of premature aging. The per-saturated applicator guarantees an even application without contamination. Suitable for all skin conditions excepting users of medically prescribed exfoliates, each tin contains 35 pouches.

In addition, to restore skin’s moisture for softer, more vibrant results, pair your daily resurfacer with Dermalogica Power Rich moisturizer.

Restore firmness, elasticity and hydration to depleted skin with Dermalogica’s Power Rich AGEsmart moisturizer. More than a moisturizer and more than a formula for prematurely aging skin, this treatment works to help stimulate and strengthen damaged tissue while supplying vital nutrients to help reduce fine, dry lines, resurface and regenerate skin. This pharmaceutical-strength grade of formula used in Power Rich ensures you’ll see a difference in your skin after just one week.

For more information on Dermalogica Exfoliants, Dermalogica’s Power Rich AGEsmart moisturizer and our other quality skin care products, visit our online store.

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