To Firm and Protect

As mentioned before, the skin on your face and around your eyes is some of the thinnest skin on your body.  Because of this, it is one of the first places that shows signs of ages and decreases in collagen and elasticity.  Your skin’s natural collagen and elastin keeps it tight and firm, but once these things start to disappear, skin begins to sag and wrinkle.  This is why firming your skin is key to preventing premature sagging and wrinkles.

Vitamin C is another big player in keeping skin young.  It fights off free radicals, helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and encourage collagen production.  GloTherapeutics has several anti-aging serum options that use Vitamin C, depending on your skin’s needs.

For extra eye care, use their 7.5% Vitamin C Eye Gel.  This gel is specially designed for the eye area to improve fine lines and dark circles under the eyes.  The key ingredients include Ascorbic Acid, Zinc Sulfate, L-tyrosine, Snap-8 (Acetyl Octapeptide-3, Papilactyl (Cyperus Esculentus Tiger Nut Tuber Extract).  This combination of ingredients protects against skin damage, regenerates collagen, accelerates healing of wounds and is essential for cell growth, and reinforces skin’s resilience.

The 10% Vitamin C Serum also works to repair current skin damage and protect against future damage.  It fights signs and gives a smoother, firmer, and more even complexion.

They also have a 15% Vitamin C Serum.  This higher does of Vitamin C dramatically reduces the appearance of fine lines to create brighter, smoother skin and allows for new, healthy collagen to form in the skin.

GloTherapeutics’ Vita E Essential Cream works with Vitamin C to maintain a healthy level of collagen.  This cream contains Rutin, which helps prevent collagen destruction and prevents Vitamin C from being destroyed in the body by oxidation.  Vitamin E has major antioxidant properties and helps to prevent age spots, replenishes water loss in skin, prevents sun damage.

Designed to firm and repair aging skin, GloTherapeutics’ Skin Firming Cream is a multitasking wonder.  It preserves skin collagen, increases skin’s thickenss, and keeps skin hydrated.

Besides a combination of anti-aging and skin firming skin care products, there are other preventative measures that should be incorporated into your lifestyle.

• Drinking water, exercising, and eating healthy should be obvious necessities to keep your body and skin healthy, rejuvenated, and looking its best.

• Smoking is one of the biggest things that will accelerate the rate at which your skin wrinkles and sags.  Besides the consequences such as cancer and diseases, people that smoke can look 10 or more years older than they really are.

• Sun exposure is another toxic way to harm your skin.  By using SPF skin care products, you can greatly prevent skin from prematurely aging, and keep skin looking younger than you are!

• A great way to firm skin, is to massage the serum or moisturizer of your choice into the skin.  This stimulates blood flow and tightens the muscles under the skin.

• Steam is an excellent way to flush toxins out of your skin.  This tightens and firms skin, while also getting rid of impurities.  This can be done by a professional facial, at-home facial, in a sauna, or during a shower.

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