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There’s no quicker skin repair than overnight, and Dermalogica’s Overnight Repair Serum does just that.  This supercharged serum works as part of your night time routine to minimize the appearance of fine lines and fight off signs of aging.  It helps stimulate the production of collagen, while firming skin for a younger appearance and a refreshed look.

This serum has some major ingredients that are great for skin and help create this powerful formula to get you fast results:

Argan Oil – Typically you hear about this in hair care products.  It makes hair silky, healthy, shiny, and stronger.  The Argan tree is indigenous to Morocco, so Moroccan women have used it for centuries to care for their skin, and it is sometimes referred to as miracle oil or liquid gold.  The oil contains Vitamin E, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants.

Not only does it work great for hair, but it has some incredible benefits for skin, which is why it is a highlight of the Dermalogica’s Overnight Repair Serum.  While restoring natural oils to the skin, the antioxidant properties fight free radicals and provide skin with protection from environmental factors, stress, and even the sun.  It heavily moisturizes skin because it is a “fatty” acid, and contains no cholesterol, making it more effective.  It has healing effects to help reduce or eliminate scars from acne or other skin irritations.

Ironically, argan oil does not make skin oily or greasy, and can actually help to control the oil production in skin, making it just as ideal for people with oily skin.   It is also able to bring down inflammation, help with pain, stimulate blood flow, calm irritation, and deal with skin infections and disorders including acne and eczema.

Sounds like a miracle, doesn’t it?  There’s more!  What else can this magical oil do?  Well, it helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles by hydrating skin and keeping it hydrated, which increases skin elasticity properties.  It can even be used to prevent stretch marks, and used as a massage oil to help with circulation, arthritis, and sore muscles.

Another highlight of Dermalogica’s Overnight Repair Serum is Rosa Moschata Seed Oil, also known as Rose Hip Oil.   This oil is also high in fatty acids as well as Vitamin C, as well as retinol.  It is commonly used for skin issues including acne, rosacea, eczema, sun burns, scarring, and sun damage.  On the anti-aging front, rose hip oil is known to increase elasticity in skin, repair damaged skin, and slow the skin aging process.

It is also an effective cleansing ingredient to help get rid of dirt and impurities, while nourishing, renewing, and revitalizing skin.

Dermalogica’s Overnight Repair Serum is the ideal night time skin treatment.  Even What Great Skin customers are long-time fans:

“I absolutely love this product! I actually first tried Overnight Repair Serum from a sample that was added to my order. I felt a difference in my skin after that first use—my skin felt rejuvenated. I use it regularly now and my skin has greater elasticity and the fine lines around my eyes have faded. Overnight Repair Serum is a “must have” for me.” — View more Dermalogica Overnight Repair Serum Reviews from our valued customers.

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