Teen Skin Care Tips

Teenage years are a critical time to begin taking vital care of skin in order to keep skin healthy, hydrated, and to slow down the visual aging process.  If you aren’t a teen, you most likely have a family member in the teenage age range, or perhaps you know a pre-teen who might soon need this skin care advice.

Starting to care for your skin at an early age will help to impose good skin care habits, helping create a daily routine that can help you maintain your beautiful, soft skin as you get older. When starting out with teenage skin care products, you don’t want to use harsh, heavy, or serious formulas.

Because their young skin is typically so pure, teenagers might not think that they are at risk for sun damage.  This is absolutely wrong, and they need to learn that their skin can still absorb the harmful sun rays.  They can start combating sunspots, sun damage, and preventing skin cancer at their early age by wearing sun block.  They might think that sun block is only for the beach or the pool, but teens should be educated about how even when they are walking home from the bus stop, or playing outside during recess, their skin will be exposed to the sun.   They should be wearing no less than a 15 to 30 SPF level sun care product on a daily basis.

Cleansers with salicylic acid are a great option for pre-teen and teen skin, especially because this is when acne starts to form.  If your skin is overly oily or overly dry, look for a cleanser that is targeted for those needs.  You should be cleansing your skin at least twice a day – in the morning, and at night.  If possible, washing your face a third time, for instance, after school, would be an additional benefit.  During the day, your face is exposed to a lot of germs, bacteria, and environmental factors, so washing it in the late afternoon instead of waiting until before bed, would only help.

Moisturize on a daily basis to keep skin healthy and firm.  No need for an anti-aging moisturizer just yet.  If you have acne, again, go for something with salicylic acid.  If you don’t have pesky breakouts or acne, go for a natural moisturizer with soothing and hydrating botanicals and extracts.  Unless you are having skin problems, moisturizing once day (at night, after washing your face), is sufficient.

Pevonia Botanica has made it simple for teens – their SpaTeen line includes some Teen Kits, to help simplify the skin care shopping process for teens.  They have their Teen Kit for All Skin Types, which includes a Cleanser, Toner, and Moisturizer, all in a convenient travel pouch.  The products boast organic extracts that hydrate, unclog pores, battle oil, heal blemishes, and keep skin healthy and clear.

Pevonia Botanica also has a Teen Kit for Blemished Skin, which contains products that use Micro Organic Benzoyl Peroxide, and Micro Organic Salicylic Acid to counteract acne, clear breakouts and blackheads, and work hard to unclog pores.  Though the formula gentle, it is strong enough to fight acne and help get rid of excess oil.

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