Bring the Tropics Home with You

Papaya and pineapple may be delicious to eat, but they also have a handful of benefits for your body and skin.

To start, Papaya is rich in anti-oxidants.  The copious amounts of Vitamin A have major anti-oxidant properties that help heal skin, and the alpha-hydroxy acids offer anti-aging benefits.  The main enzyme in papaya is papain – this is a major exfoliating ingredient that helps to get rid of dead skin.  The fruit acids that papaya contains, help to loosen dry and dead skin, unclog pores, and help heal scars by speeding up the skins recovery process.

Papayas are also a great source beta-carotene, Vitamin C, folates, Vitamin B, and flavonoids. These vitamins also have anti-aging benefits, anti-inflammatory properties, and can be helpful to firm up skin.  They can rid the body of free radicals, and get rid of toxins while also strengthening the immune system and prevent illness, infection, and even help prevent vision lost.  The extract of papaya helps improve smooth skin’s texture, and repair skin tissue.

Pineapple is another beneficial fruit for skin.  It contains a powerful enzyme, Bromelain, which helps your body in a number of ways including the prevention of blood clotting, accelerating the healing of bruises and burns, reducing inflammation, helping to build bones, and treating arthritis.

Bromelain also has some great benefits for your skin’s appearance.  It rids the skin of dead cells and proteins, which also slows down the physical aging process and slowing down the appearance of wrinkles.  It improves skin’s elasticity and is able to get rid of the useless cells, while keeping healthy ones.  It has also been shown to even out skin’s pigmentation, and improve skin’s hydration.

Pevonia Botanica has a few products that enable you to bring these tropical products into your home to care for your skin.

De-Aging Body Balm: Papaya-Pineapple: This rich and creamy body balm uses the benefits of papaya and pineapple to provide the above benefits, while replenishing and refreshing skin.  It contains smooth and enriching Shea Butter and as well as collagen, elastin polypeptides, and retinol to provide visual anti-aging benefits.  Skin looks and feels repaired, and fresh.

What Great Skin customer Mariah says, “This body cream is amazing. It smells like I am on a tropical vacation and my skin looks and feels amazing. It is the only anti-aging product I have ever found for the body.”

For a delightful aroma in the shower, Pevonia’s De-Aging Saltmousse Papaya-Pineapple lathers up to rid skin of impurities, while the sea salt exfoliates and repairs.  It moisturizes and polishes skin and the acidic fruit enzymes heal and are absorbed to reveal smooth, velvety skin. Use it once or twice a week for a thorough exfoliation and delicious cleansing experience.

Pevonia Botanica is used in many luxurious spas to treat their clients and guests to give a sensory experience while treating their skin to sophisticated results.

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