Caviar for Your Skin

I’m sure you have heard of caviar – the lavish delicacy made up of roe (fish eggs) and salt.  There is a wide variety of caviar, depending on the specific waters where these fish live, and the type of fish it is (wild fish in certain waters, for instance, from the Black Sea, produce more expensive and authentic grades of caviar).  Caviar ranges in flavor, texture, color, and size, but it isn’t just a gourmet hors d’oeuvres.

Since caviar is packed with nutrients, it can also be used for other purposes besides enjoying as a delicious treat.  Caviar is chock-full of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.  Omega-3 is commonly found in fish (I’m sure doctors have told you how important it is to eat salmon!), so what better way to get those benefits than going straight to the source – fish eggs!

Omega-3 allows your body to repair damaged skin by regenerating healthy skin tissue and enhancing collagen production.  Studies have shown that Omega-3 has helped with firming skin and reducing wrinkles.  It can replenish your healthy fats, which also leads to moisturizing skin to avoid and repair extreme dryness.  It helps to control and prevent inflammation, which comes in handy for people dealing with dermatitis and eczema, and improve skin’s health, overall.  Caviar has also been shown to give your body and brain additional benefits, including lowering blood pressure, improvement of memory, and reducing cholesterol.

Omega-6 is another vital nutrient for your skin.  It is a crucial ingredient in having healthy skin.  Linoleic acid, a main compound in the fatty acid, is very beneficial for skin irritations, acne, and skin diseases.  Gamma-lineolic acid is another crucial component, shown to effectively treat inflammation.  Omega fatty acids have also been linked to prevention of heart disease, and treatment of depression.

Caviar also contains a high level of both Vitamin A and Vitamin E – very popular ingredients in effective skin care products.  They work to repair skin tissue, speed up collagen production (which in turn, acts as an anti-aging ingredient to help prevent wrinkles, and increase skin’s firmness), and give skin a large dose of hydration and moisturizing benefits.

Potassium is one more ingredient in caviar that greatly helps premature visible signs of aging in skin.  It improves elasticity, and maintains healthy skin cells, to avoid skin tissue getting damaged.

If you’re interested in a skin care product that contains caviar, Pevonia Botanica has a great option.  Their Youth-Renew Myoxy-Caviar Hand & Foot Cream contains the ultimate ingredient mix of Caviar, Marine Collagen, Retinol, Vitamins A & E, and the moisturizing base of Shea Butter.  This ingredient dream team works to make skin velvety smooth, while renewing, hydrating, and offering UV protection.  This luxurious cream is just like caviar for your hands and feet – but with long-term benefits for your skin!

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