Vacation, Time for De-Stressing

Spring is officially here, and it finally feels like time to plan a vacation!  Between stress from your job, all of the errands, paying the bills, making plans, taking care of children, we all have our stresses.  Even if you don’t think your job or day-to-day tasks are particularly stressful, the mind often needs a break from the monotonous routine and repetitive scenery.  It’s definitely healthy to plan a getaway, whether it’s a luxurious trip, or a relaxing beach escape.

Fresh air and sunshine are two natural ingredients that the body, mind, and soul need to clear away stresses and get some positive energy and endorphins.  Even doctors recommend getting some natural sunlight between the hours of 11am and 2am, in order to allow the body to absorb Vitamin D (Note: after 15-20 minutes, be sure to apply SPF!).  Sun has been shown to reduce depression, give skin a natural glow, and help relax the body (ever find yourself falling asleep on a lounge chair or at the beach?).

Getting away from technology is definitely another aspect of de-stressing on vacation.  Put away the laptops, turn off the cell phones – this should be a time to enjoy and disconnect.  Before you leave, wrap up any last emails, deadlines, projects, or tasks that you need to finish.  Nothing should interrupt your relaxation or urging you to “sign on”.  It also helps to research your vacation destination, if necessary, to check out the area and pre-plan some activities, restaurants etc… if you are one that feels the need to plan and organize your time.  If you are more carefree and spontaneous, this is the perfect time to discover new places, restaurants, and things to do.

Financial freedom (for the duration of the trip), will also decrease some stress.  If your vacation will require some extra savings, try to plan some months in advance, and save a little extra spending money so you don’t have to worry about that while on your trip. Besides vacation expenses, try to pay bills that are due right before or after your vacation ahead of time, so that you don’t have a weight on your shoulders thinking and worrying, while you are supposed to be relaxing.

Now, you just need to pack your bags!  Don’t forget about caring for your skin while you’re away.  Dermalogica has all of your travel needs covered, and if you need to pack light, these are your skin essentials:

Travel Size Clearing Skin Wash: This is the perfect multi-tasking face wash, making it your travel go-to.  It prevents breakouts, controls oil, stimulates natural exfoliation, and soothes skin.  Besides Salicylic Acid, this clearing wash contains botanicals such as Bergamont, Lemon, Arnica, Licorice, and Milk Thistle, which also help to combat acne, while Tea Tree and Eucalyptus work to eliminate bacteria.

If you’re out in the sun, you definitely need SPF protection.  Try Dermalogica’s MultiVitamin BodyBlock SPF 20, which nourishes while protecting.  Dermalogica’s Oil Free Matte Block is a lightweight sunblock that gives skin a matte finish, while providing SPF 20.  Their Solar Defense Booster supplies SPF30, and was created to mix in with your favorite moisturizer or face makeup.

To be sure to rid skin of makeup, sun products, and bacteria after a long day, Dermalogica’s Travel Size Microfoliant is key! It’s a rice-based enzyme powder that you apply with wet hands, to create and exfoliating paste.  The microfoliates dull debris and remove dead skin cells, to leave skin noticeably smoother and brighter.

Have fun!

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