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So, You Want Glowing Skin…?

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Who wouldn’t want their skin to look flawless with a natural, dewy glow that looks effortless?  If you find that you just can’t achieve this look on your own, there are a few tips you can use  to help improve your skin’s tone and texture, and get a more radiant and glowing look.

Be sure to cleanse your face completely.  To that end, the Clarisonic skin care system can lend a helping hand – it oscillates back and forth at a sonic frequency of more than 300 movements per second to clean your face entirely, without leaving behind any makeup or residue.

Although you might think that you are completely washing your face using your cleanser and hands, you are only really rubbing the surface, and aren’t able to effectively get beneath that top level of makeup and dirt.  The Clarisonic’s gently vibrating face brush uses a patented micro-massage motion to completely rid your face of anything that shouldn’t be there.  And the results are amazing – after using it – you will realize that your face has never felt that clean before.  Be sure to cleanse using your Clarisonic in the morning and at night.

When to use Hot and Cold Water – When you wash your face, do so with warm or hot water, as this will open up pores and get any dirt and makeup out effective.  After you rinse your cleanser off, rinse your face again with cold water to close up pores and prevent dirt from getting inside.

Exercise & Fitness – Exercising is healthy for your body, and helps with circulation and blood flow.  This is another important thing you can do to help stimulate your body’s energy and give your skin it’s natural radiance back.

Drink Enough Water – Drinking the proper amount of water (8-10 glasses a day), is essential to keep your skin looking great.  You will see the difference in your skin’s look, texture, and color by hydrating your body properly.  In this same arena, your diet is of course something to monitor.  Fruits, vegetables, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, and fiber-rich foods, are all important to treating your body and skin and making you look your best.

Get enough sleep!  This is a huge factor as to why skin is not looking it’s best.  Just like your mind, your body needs its rest in order to perform (or look) the greatest it can.  This goes hand in hand with stress.  Try and control the stress around you, and find outlets such as yoga, reading, sports, etc… to relieve stress and ease the mind.

Try not to cake on the face makeup – you want your healthy skin to shine through.  At night, use a rich moisturizer that hydrates and has vitamins and antioxidants to treat your skin and give it all of the nutrients it needs.  In the morning, use a moisturizer with hydrating ingredients as well as SPF, to protect your skin during the day.  You can also use a foundation such as Dermalogica’s Treatment Foundation.  It is a light, oil-free, waterbased liquid foundation that provides flawless coverage while moisturizing and protecting skin.  If your skin needs additional spot coverage, use a concealer such as Dermalogica’s Concealing Spot Treatment to cover any blemishes or breakouts.  If you think your skin needs an extra glowing boost, you can mix a luminizer (this is a lightweight liquid bronzer that you can find under most makeup brands), with your moisturizer.  This will give your moisturizer a hint of color and shimmer, and when applied to your face, gives it a natural-looking, luminous glow.

With these tips, you will have perfectly glowing, dewy skin in no time!

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