Lip Love: Tips for Your Lips

Do you yearn for a healthy, plump pout?  Kissing, eating, talking, drinking, they all focus on your mouth and lips.  Lips are delicate and should be cared for properly to attain the ultimate healthy and visually attractive look.  Just like the color of your skin tone, lips have a certain amount of melanin, which is what determines just how pink your lips are.  Dehydrated lips often dry out, become pale, and shrink in size.  It’s important to keep lips hydrated and moisturized, in order to keep them plump and pink.

During extreme temperatures and weather conditions such as intense heat, rough winds, and severe cold, use a moisturizing lip balm to protect from these harsh environments.  BioElements’ Instant Emollient is a moisturizing stick that instantly relieves dryness, while preventing chapping.  It contains soothing Bulgarian rose oil, chamomile and Vitamin E to provide soothing hydration, while sealing moisture into the lips.  You can wear this product alone, or apply it before applying the lip color of your choice.  This product does double-duty, as you can also apply it under your eyes!

If your current lipstick or lip glosses seem to wear off quickly, and result in your lips feeling cracked, chapped, or dry, look for a new lip color product that boasts hydration and moisturization.  Avoid lip products that contain alcohol, and look for ones that are petroleum or beeswax based.  Aloe, antioxidants, retinol, and vitamins, are also great ingredients to see listed on your lip products.

Lip Tips:

  • Protect Your Lips from the Sun. Be sure to use a lip product with SPF whenever your will be exposed to sun, even for a small length of time.
  • Drink plenty of water as drinking water will help keep your skin and lips hydrated.
  • Eat a healthy diet (specifically full of vitamins such as Vitamin B and E) is important for keeping your lips in the best condition.
  • Exfoliate the lips one a week.  There are lip scrubs and exfoliating products that help to rid lips of dry, dead skin.
  • Avoid licking your lips. You might feel like this is hydrating them, but ultimately, this dries out your lips, leaving them worse off than before.

BioElements has their Lip Buff, which is a gentle buffing treatment that uses exfoliating sugar cane crystals to buff away any dead, peeling skin and reduce fine lines.  Rub the product onto your lips with your fingertip, in small circular motions.  Rinse off to reveal fresh lips that are rid of dry, dead skin.  Your lips’ texture is immediately improved, and your lip color will go on smoother.

The skin surrounding the lips is also very important in the appearance of your lips.  Smoking negatively impacts this area of the face by adding an increased amount of lines and wrinkles, and thinning of the skin.  Moisturize around the mouth area with an anti-aging moisturizer such as BioElements’ Really Rich Moisture.  This helps replenish the skin’s surface, smooth small cracks and fine lines, and  repair flaking and dryness.

With these tips and suggested products, your lips will be full, smooth, healthy, and looking their best ever.

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