Improve Skin Elasticity & Minimize Wrinkles

The glow of healthy skin on your face and neck, like radiant eyes and shiny hair, is one of your most attractive features. Your skin is sure to be noticed when you crinkle your nose playfully, flirt outrageously by gazing back over a shoulder or gracefully crane your neck for a nuzzling kiss.

Wrinkles, unfortunately, are inevitable. Caused in part by a loss of elasticity, wrinkles happen to all of us starting around the age of 35. However, aging does not signal the end of great skin. Even if you abused your skin – by smoking, tanning or endless nights of sleeping in your makeup – help, both inside and out, is still available.

Start by eliminating the three bad habits listed above and then test your skin’s current elasticity.

Test Your Skin Elasticity

Follow these simple steps to discover your skin elasticity score.

  1. Between your thumb and fore finger pinch the skin on the back of your hand.
  2. Hold it for five seconds and release.
  3. Count how many seconds until the skin flattens out.

Now locate the range below which contains the number of seconds you counted to determine if your skin’s elasticity is younger, older or exactly within the range of your actual age.

  • 1-2 seconds (under 30)
  • 3-4 seconds (30-44)
  • 5-9 seconds (45-50)
  • 10-15 seconds (51 – 60)
  • 16-34 seconds (61-69)
  • 35-55 seconds (70 and older)

Improve Your Skin

If your numbers are undesirable, there are several changes you can make to strengthen your skin’s cells.

  • Limit your sugar intake. Glucose found in many beverages, processed foods, and snacks are the enemy to great skin. It attaches to your skin’s collagen and stiffens it making it less flexible resulting in a duller complexion. Natural glucose from fruits and vegetables provide sweetness without the damage.

  • Apply sunscreen daily. Unprotected or overexposed skin, vulnerable to the elements, soon breaks down into fine lines that become wrinkles. Dermalogica’s Pure Light SPF30 is a medium-weight sunscreen worn year-round for protection. Apply it not only to your face, but also to your neck, ears, and back of hands to assure uniform elasticity. Having a fabulous face with wrinkled fingers or a heavily lined throat is not the look any of us desire.
  • Add in more antioxidants to increase skin flexibility.  Throw some walnut pieces and dried cranberries in a salad, nibble on grapes, or grill some peppers along with skinless chicken. Supple skin comes from consuming such foods high in antioxidants.
  • Remember hydrated skin retains its elasticity. Water and green tea are top beverages for keeping skin cells limber from the inside. Dermalogica’s Antioxidant Hydramist also combats environmental free radical damage while delivering a refreshing spritz to bare skin or over makeup. You will find it a perfect mid afternoon rejuvenating tonic without the calories of a double latte or a candy bar.

Skin is a living organism and benefits from efforts to keep the muscles underneath it well toned. Neglected muscles atrophy, atrophied muscles shrink, and shrinking muscles contribute to wrinkles. Plumping up the muscles come from an increased blood flow received by simply moving your body. The positive effects for great skin multiply with free doses of beneficial Vitamin D by exercising outdoors.

Incorporating these tips along with quality skin care products can increase your skin’s elasticity – whatever the physical age, and will help minimize your wrinkles.

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