Stunning Summer Legs

It’s summer, and whether you cross your legs demurely at your ankles or sit cross-legged ready to jump into action, you want your legs to be satiny smooth.

Some of the very summer activities where you want your legs to look their best are also harsh on the skin. Swim in a chlorated pool or frolic in the ocean and within minutes of emerging from the water you can feel the tightening of skins cells. If you are in your teens or early to mid 20’s chances are by just washing off after a swim and removing hair with a Soothing Shave Cream, you will keep your skin properly hydrated.

For the rest of us, obtaining stunning silky legs requires a bit more than a good razor, slapping on a ton of moisterizer, and hoping for the best. As our skin ages it becomes rougher, and sometimes scaly or flaky. To counter this, a simple buff and polish routine works best, and Dermalogica has a series of products perfect for the job.

Begin the process by placing a dollop of  Conditioning Body Wash on the Ultimate Buffing Cloth. For one to two minutes, and in a circular motion, gently rub onto wet skin to start the removal of dulling dead cells. Spend extra time on your knees and heels, and do not forget your elbows. Step out of the shower feeling soft, refreshed, and hydrated. Free of artificial color and fragrance the body wash is perfect for anyone seeking a non allegercic product. Dermalogica Conditioning Body Wash and Dermalogica The Ultimate Buffing Cloth will soon reveal your new glowing radiant skin. If exfoliating is part of your prefered treatment it is advisable to wait a few days before undertaking if your legs are sunburned or recently waxed.

Another method to achieve and maintain lovely limbs is to soak in a tub with water enhanced Hydro-Active Mineral Salts. Again, areas prone to rougher skin, like knees and heels, can be softened by making a paste and scrubbing it lightly over problem areas. Do not scrub harshly in hopes of quickening the process. You can damage the skin instead.

After softly toweling off apply a liberal application of Body Hydrating Cream. It’s pleasing cucumber and melon scent is soothing, while the hydroxy acid cream improves the texture of skin, reversing sun damage and sloughing away more dead skin cells.

While preparing to be out in the sun, whether it is the skin on your face, neck, or legs apply generous amounts of Daily Defense Block SPF15. Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF30 also encourages firmness and elasticity. Remember to reapply several times throughout the day. Want to add a bit of color without enduring the damaging UV rays? Try the Sheer Tint Dark SPF15, also available in light and medium tones.

With use of these products feel free to flaunt your gorgeous legs. Be prepared for the many compliments and longing looks they will attract.


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