Let’s Talk: Unclogging Clogged Pores

Let’s talk about clogged pores -the bane of a clear complexion for many teenagers and adults alike.

Where a hair grows on your body there is a pore. Each pore holds a follicle and a gland containing sebum.

Thanks to the sebum’s oily substance, your skin stays supple with natural moisture. However, sometimes sebum can be too much of a good thing. Factors such as hormones and heredity can cause an over abundance of oil production and lead to acne problems. Other acne stems from your body’s constant ability to renew itself.

In a 24-hour period your skins sloughs off close to a million dead skin cells. An overproduction of oil will pool along the surface of pores. It then collects the dead skin cells, remnants of old makeup and other dirt to create a plug.

Untreated plugs can lead to infection and ultimate scarring if not treated properly. One result of clogged pores is blackheads that are in fact not black, but rather a yellowish-brown. A mere reflection of light gives them their dark hue. Whatever the color the open comedos, a blackhead’s medical name, are unsightly. Routine skin care, using the following Bioelements’ products will help eliminate them for those with the most common type of skin, which is a combination of oily and dry.

First, open your pores with a steam bath. Pour hot water in a bowl and create a tent with a towel. Place your face under the tent and remain for 10 – 15 minutes.

Next, wash your hands and then your face, the latter in a circular motion, with Flash Foam Cleanser. Created from natural fruit enzymes, green tea, and vitamin B-5 it gently lifts away your facial skin’s waste debris.

Last, you towel off and wick away any remaining dirt and oil by applying a Restorative Clay Masque for 10 minutes. Known for its super absorption properties the clay base, combined with Chinese herbs, deeply cleanses the pores of any excess of oil. It also aids with increasing circulation. Boosting your blood supply improves the skin’s texture.

Since Egyptian times chamomile, a member of the daisy family has been used in beauty treatments for a variety of benefits. The masque’s chamomile additive gently removes any remaining bacterial matter, and also reduces puffiness as well as soothes the skin.

After removing the masque with a damp washcloth, rehydrate your skin with Absolute Moisture applied to both your face and neck.

Repeat this treatment up to three times weekly.

Whatever your skin type – combination or dry, oily, sensitive or sun damaged, incorporating some items on a low glycemic diet can, in part, improve skin texture. Green leafy like spinach and Swiss chard and beans (kidney, garbanzo – not Boston baked) as well as whole grains such as oatmeal and barley increase blood circulation. Forego the sugared beverages, like soda, and grab an orange instead. Although on the high glycemic food chart, its elevated levels of vitamin C provides essential antioxidants and boosts the building of collagen.

Using the above products can make showing off your face a joyous event!



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