Teenage Skin

As we age, many of us fondly remember our teenage years. One thing most forget though is the angst caused by teenage skin and the problems socially, mentally and physically it causes.

Between an increase of hormones coursing through changing bodies, the new sense of awareness of their place in the world and a physical attraction to that certain person gives any young person plenty of concerns.

Then Mother Nature adds to the pile with acne.

Almost every teenager will suffer, and that is the best word to describe it, suffer through bouts of pus-filled zits, a crown of blackheads around the nose and breakouts along the chest, and back area. Often they pop up simultaneously.

To add insult to injury Mother Nature also displays a cruel sense of humor by springing them right before the big dance, class photo day or the debut of a new bathing suit.

Instead of pulling a bag over a face under attack, it might help to know almost everyone in the world has awakened to find himself or herself transformed overnight into a Cyclops with a large red bump right between his or her eyes. Also beneficial to know is that the girl in school with the perfect skin — the kind never marked by the tiniest red dot — in medical circles is classified as abnormal.

What is not helpful is to sit whine, and cry about red and inflamed skin. Instead, develop a cleaning routine and eat healthy, get enough sleep and try not to worry.

Why? Stress is a major contributor to skin breakouts, as are hormonal fluctuations. It is a vicious cycle: hormone-induced acne causes stress, and that stress causes more acne.

Pevonia has a number of products geared specifically for teenage skin.

All Skin Types Cleanser’s foam has a sweet scent of strawberry that gently removes all impurities and excess oils. Used regularly it helps to dry up existing acne and prevents new blackheads and other irritations. Follow up the cleaning by softly toweling the face dry.

All Skin Types Lotion (Toner) 4oz

Pour All Skin Types Lotion onto a cotton ball. Gently dabbing it across your face and neck tones the skin. Use it in the morning and the evening. It is also a boost to help perspiring skin from collecting dirt.

Clean skin needs hydration to stay clear. The All Skin Types’ Moisturizer is light and works continuously to exfoliate dead skin cells and keep a dewy complexion. Dewy is not the same as shiny. When skin is shiny or leaves smears on a cell phone, an overproduction of oil is occurring. This is a fast track to more breakouts.

Blemish B Gone .4oz

To spot treat unsightly blemishes have a stick of Blemish B Gone handy. Apply it to the offending pimple. Loaded with organic benzyl peroxide and organic salicylic acid, it helps cut the recovery time and helps prevent future problems.

An important reminder is not to scrub too hard in an attempt to get rid of blemishes faster. Rather than achieving the intended effect, it will aggravate the situation.

Using these products and focusing on the good aspects of life can have a positive effect on teenage skin under attack.

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