Manage Breakouts & Stresses for Great Skin

Whether money, a relationship, world peace or who will win on “Dancing with the Stars” is causing you anxiety – calm down.

Well documented is the effect of stress for playing havoc with your health from the loss of hair to the demise of your sex drive. Then there is the unfortunate equation of stress plus skin. The result, whatever your skin type, sensitive or oil, combination, dry or normal, is usually breakouts.

Blame it on your body’s chemistry. Tension is the catalyst for your body to overproduce certain hormones like cortisol.

Under the right conditions, cortisol is a good as it helps the body with the following functions:

  • Administers insulin release for proper  blood sugar
  • Activates correct glucose metabolism
  • Controls blood pressure
  • Aids with inflammatory reactions.

Mix additional pressure and cortisol together and your sebaceous glands receive an urgent message to overproduce oil. Sebaceous glands are located all over the body, except for your feet’s soles and the palms of your hand. Their great concentration is on the face and scalp. Overflowing with oil and a breakout or two or even a dozen is bound to occur.

When under a strain it is easy to skip proper cleansing. Many of us have, at times, gone to bed in full makeup only to arise the next morning, splashed water on our faces and slapped on more makeup.

Who among us has not had that heart dropping moment of staring into the bathroom mirror only to see an acne-pocked or a rosy red rosacea streaked face staring back? Then it becomes a cruel circle of stress-related breakouts adding more concern to your already overworked mind and body. To add more bad news – skin has a tough time healing when stressed.

Take a deep cleansing breathe, put a timer on for ten minutes and start to process to recovery with these Glo-Theraputics’ products.

Their Clear Anti-Blemish Cleanser is part of the arsenal needed for periodic problems. Its benzyl peroxide removes excess oil and acne-causing bacteria. Just as menthol is a decongestant for stuffy noses, this cleanser unblocks clogged skin pores.

While massaging it into your skin for 60 seconds think soothing thoughts.

Next, exfoliate with a Pumpkin Enzyme Scrub. Rich in Vitamins A, B and C and zinc the squash-infused scrub gently removes any lingering impurities. New healthy skin cell regeneration is encouraged by first applying a small amount to your face and leaving it on for a minimum of five minutes before rinsing it off. Again, use the time to clear your mind of troubling thoughts.

Many times, stress shows most around one’s eyes. A quick application of Vitamin C Eye Gel smooths fine lines and lightens dark under eye circles.

Packed with essential hydrators and botanicals this Oil Free Moisturizer works well on all skin types, especially congested.

As with every aspect of maintaining healthy skin, your choice of foods is important.

Nibble on almonds to release some aggression and asparagus to restore folic acid. Tuna fish delivers the all-important stress busting B6 and B12 vitamins and a bite or two of anti-oxidant rich dark chocolate will not hurt.

Remember – stressed is desserts spelled backwards.

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