Must-Have Shaving Products for Men and Women

When you were a teenager you couldn’t wait to start shaving, but now that you have to do it every day, it can be a time-consuming and frustrating experience. If you notice that your skin appears dry or cracked after shaving, or your razor doesn’t seem to be working as effectively as it used to, the products you’re using might be the culprit. In order to have the most efficient shaving experience possible, you should use high-quality skin care products, before, during and after you shave. By incorporating good skin care products into your routine, you will begin to experience softer and silkier skin after shaving.

Open Your Pores

One factor in getting the closest shave possible is opening your pores. When you open your pores, the razor is able to move across your skin and trim the hair follicles, without leaving stubble behind. This will create a perfect environment for shaving, whether you’re a man hoping to get a clean shave or a woman who wants silky smooth legs. The best way to do this is with heat. If you’re shaving your legs in the shower, you will have automatic steam, however when shaving your face it can be more difficult. The best way to get the proper heat for opening your facial pores is to shave with hot water

The Importance of Exfoliating

Exfoliating does more than remove dead skin cells and leave behind a soft, smooth feel to your skin. It also helps the efficiency of your shaving experience. When you exfoliate often, you are giving your skin a deep clean and leaving behind a surface that makes shaving easier. The exfoliant you use for shaving should be appropriate for daily use such as the Daily Clean Scrub by Dermalogica. For exfoliating and shaving your body, try the Exfoliating Body Scrub by Dermalogica that creates a foamy scrub to improve the smoothness of your skin before shaving.

Preparing Your Beard

Before you begin shaving your beard and stubble, you should protect your skin with a layer of cushioning to prevent scrapes and redness, as well as softening your beard for easy, pain-free shaving. Pre-Shave Guard by Dermalogica will offer your beard immense softening to make shaving an effortless process. You can also apply an oil to your face, such as the Close Shave Oil by Dermalogica which will prevent nicks and cuts while you shave.

Must-Have Shaving Products

Shaving products range from gels to creams. If you’re looking for a shaving cream, try the Soothing Shave Cream by Dermalogica. This cream provides exceptional lubrication for the closest shave possible. The Invigorating Shave Gel by Dermalogica will also provide a close shave, while leaving behind a cooling and soothing feeling.


Don’t forget to moisturize! A good moisturizer will provide your freshly shaved skin with the nutrients and protection it needs. Your moisturizer should preferably contain SPF protection from the sun’s harsh rays, such as the Daily Defense Block SPF15 by Dermalogica. For more intense moisture, try Dermalogica’s Intensive Moisture Balance to not only moisturize your skin and protect from the sun, but also reduce the signs of aging.

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