Skincare for the Body

When we think about skin care, most of us start and end with our face. Our routines focus on getting rid of the fine lines around our eyes, clearing the blackheads on our nose or banishing the brown spots from our cheeks, but we forget about the skin on the rest of our body. Neglecting our arms, hands, legs, feet, and other spots not only leads to dry, irritated skin, but it can age us just as quickly as wrinkles on the face.  Fall is an ideal time to start pampering the skin on your body since the cold, dry weather can quickly strip moisture.

The first step in treating the skin on your body right is tossing out the bar of soap that you use in the shower – it may get you clean but it can also strip your skin of oils and leave it without a protective moisture barrier. Instead, use a soap-free body wash like Dermologica Conditioning Body Wash. It’s formulated without artificial fragrances or colors, so you don’t have to worry about it irritating sensitive skin. You can use it on your favorite body puff, or pair it with the Dermologica Ultimate Buffing Cloth to exfoliate your body while you clean.

After you step out of the shower, it’s the perfect time to apply body lotion since you’ll lock in extra moisture if your skin is still damp. Bioelements Vitaliziation Rich Intensity Body Creme is ideal for ridding your body of dry, scaly patches because it contains a blend of ten botanical oils that help hydrate and condition.

The Rich Intensity Body Creme also helps firm your skin and leaves it with a radiant glow, so you can feel confident in sleeveless tops or shorter skirts.

Our feet and hands often require a little extra TLC, so a regular body cream may not be enough to soothe the skin in these spots. Instead, opt for a targeted product like Pevonia Youth-Renew Caviar Hand & Foot Cream. Made from a blend of caviar, marine collagen, retinol, vitamins A and E, and nourishing shea butter, this cream not only hydrates dry skin on your feet and hands, it helps them look more youthful by getting rid of dead skin cells and fading dark spots. It also offers UV-protection so you don’t have to worry about sun damage. Use it daily to keep your hands and feet hydrated and youthful-looking.

For days when you’re feeling a little stressed, you may want to work the Dermologica Stress Relief Treatment Oil into your body care routine too. With its aromatic oils, it’s ideal for a therapeutic massage at the end of a long day, but you can also add it to the tub for an warm, relaxing bath.  You can even add a drop to your favorite body cream to help condition your skin.

Take a little extra time to care for the skin on your body, and you won’t be dealing with dry, itchy patches this winter.

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