Top Dermalogica Products for Normal Skin

For 25 years, Dermalogica has been making nutrient-rich and superior skin care products. All Dermalogica skin care products are made without the use of harsh chemicals, artificial colors or artificial fragrances and there is a wide variety of products available for normal and combination skin, including: cleansers, sun protectants, cremes and moisturizers, exfoliates and more. The following products are some of the best normal skin products available by Dermalogica at – keep reading to discover why!

Multi-Vitamin Power Serum

One of the best skin care products for normal skin by Dermalogica is MultiVitamin Power Serum. This serum comes in capsules filled with vitamins C, E and A which penetrate into your skin to allow for intense moisturizing, lessening your age spots and the look of fine lines an wrinkles and reducing aging spots caused by sun exposure. MultiVitamin Power Serum also improves the elasticity of your skin while allowing proteins to improve the overall health of your skin without artificial color or fragrance.

Special Cleansing Gel

All skin types including normal skin can benefit from Dermalogica’s Special Cleansing Gel. This cleansing gel is a foaming cleansing product which is light and not made with soap. It will balance the moisture of your skin and happens to be Dermalogica’s highest selling cleansing product. This is because it is so light and cool feeling on your skin but also cleans deeply every time. The lather makes it easy to clean your face with the cleansing gel without leaving behind residue that is common of a soap facial product. Special Cleansing Gel is made with Lavender and balm mint to soothe, cleanse and cool your skin.

Skin Smoothing Cream

The Skin Smoothing Cream by Dermalogica is another popular skin care product for normal skin. It is a medium-weight cream moisturizing product with a variety of mild ingredients and antioxidant vitamins. Your skin’s tone and texture will be improved after the first use and continue to become more supple and radiant with each additional use. To use the Skin Smoothing Cream, simply apply it over your damp face and neck in circular strokes. Skin Smoothing Cream is similar to a moisturizer so you don’t need to rinse off the product and you can use it any time day or night.

After Sun Repair

A sun protectant is vital every time you are going to be under the sun’s harsh UV rays, but what about afterward? If you notice that your skin gets red, easily irritated and splotchy after sun exposure, you may be in need for an after-sun product like the After Sun Repair by Dermalogica. After being exposed to the sun, you will apply the After Sun Repair to your face and neck to allow your skin to cool and avoid potential sun damage. A traditional sun protectant or sunscreen should also be used and with the addition of the After Sun Repair, your skin will be free of sun damage, lines, wrinkles and sun spots. After Sun Repair does not contain any artificial fragrances or colors.

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