Spotlight on Top Bioelements Moisturizers

Bioelements has been a go-to skin care product company since 1991. Their line of products are ideal for all skin types including dry, oily, combination and normal skin. If you’re looking for a good moisturizing product, whether you need an oil-free moisturizer for oily skin or a rich crème moisturizer for dry skin, you will find what you need with Bioelements. offers an extensive line of Bioelements products ranging from moisturizer with SPF 50 sun protectant and hand creams to use each night before you go to sleep.


Absolute Moisture

Absolute Moisture by Bioelements is ideal for combination skin types but can also be used on other skin types as well. It is a moisturizing crème that will absorb very quickly into your skin while not leaving behind an oily residue. Absolute Moisture is lightweight and will offer your skin the hydration it needs, while softening and smoothing your skin’s feel and appearance. Absolute Moisture also balances the oily and dry parts of your skin while minimizing your surface wrinkles. Absolute Moisture should be applied to your face and neck once a day, in the morning or at night.

Sleepwear for Hands

Bioelements also makes a fantastic moisturizer for your hands which provides them moisturize and hydration at night while you sleep. Sleepwear for Hands improves the look and feel of your hands, even on skin that is wrinkled, dry or sun damaged. Your age and sun spots while lighten and your skin will brighten after the first few uses of the Sleepwear for Hands moisturizing product. Sleepwear for Hands can be used on any skin type, even oily skin without causing an oily feel or appearance. To use Sleepwear for Hands, simply apply the lotion to your hands each night before bed.

SPF 50 FaceScreen

If you’re looking for sun protection and a moisturizer in one, you have found one of the best. SPF 50 FaceScreen by Bioelements is perfect for most skin types and will provide unbeatable SPF 50 protection while also protecting your skin against a loss of elasticity and wrinkles which is common with sun exposure. The UVA and UVB protection provided by SPF 50 FaceScreen will also protect against sunburn and pigmented brown spots. FaceScreen includes a Chinese herbal blend, antioxidant vitamins and chamomile to calm and cool your skin while in the sun. Remember to apply FaceScreen at least 30 minutes before exposure to the sun.

Really Rich Moisture

Anyone suffering from extremely dry skin understands the importance of a really good moisturizer. Really Rich Moisture by Bioelements offers that and more. With Really Rich Moisture, you get an oil and grease-free moisturizing lotion that will leave your skin feeling silky smooth and comfortable but without a tight tautness or greasy feeling. Really Rich Moisture is made with natural emollients that blur out fine lines and wrinkles, smooth your skin and reverse the dryness. This crème product goes on smooth with minimal effort to rub it into your skin. Really Rich Moisture can be applied to your face and neck at night before bed or any time during the day.

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