Best Skin Care Products to Fight Acne

Acne is a skin condition that occurs when you have pimples such as whiteheads, blackheads or, cysts. It isn’t a serious condition, but it can be embarrassing and bothersome. If you’re suffering from acne, you should start by changing the skin care products you use. Your ordinary products might not be doing the job and you need high-quality skin care products such as the ones provides in order to reduce the acne and have clear, glowing skin.

You have two main choices when deciding how to treat your acne; you can buy each product individually depending on your needs and preferences, or you can purchase the MediBac Clearing Kit from Dermalogica. This kit includes everything you need to treat your acne including the Sebum Clearing Masque, Clearing Skin Wash, Clearing Mattifier, Concealing Spot Treatment, Overnight Clearing Gel, and Oil Control Lotion.

Clearing Skin Wash

Dermalogica’s Clearing Skin Wash is a foaming cleanser product that will remove all of the dirt, grime, and surface oils on your skin that worsen acne. No artificial fragrances or colors are in the Clearing Skin Wash so it won’t irritate your skin. Ingredients for this cleansing wash include Eucalyptus, Tea Tree Oil, Golden Seal, and Matricaria.

Sebum Clearing Masque

 The next product you should use for clearing up acne is the Dermalogica Sebum Clearing Masque, which will provide your face with deep cleaning power combined with a Bentonite clay masque. The product absorbs any surface oils on your skin after your regular cleansing routine and helps prevent acne and breakouts. Apply the masque to your face 3 times per week after your cleansing routine. Leave it on for 10 minutes before rinsing with warm water.

Clearing Mattifier

The Clearing Mattifier by Dermalogica is a medicated topical treatment that you apply to your skin each day after cleansing it. The topical treatment is going to help reduce congestion, control shine, and clear your acne breakouts. It will also clear the congested follicles in your skin which also minimizes the breakouts. No artificial colors or fragrances are used in the Clearing Mattifier. It should be used with only a thin layer to reduce oily residue.

Overnight Clearing Gel

Another highly recommended product for acne-prone skin is  Dermalogica Overnight Clearing Gel. This product contains no artificial ingredients, fragrances or colors. It helps calm the inflammation in your skin which will clear up your complexion, prevent further breakouts and reduce the sebum and impaction plugs that can worsen congestion in your skin causing acne. Apply a thin layer of the Overnight Clearing Gel each night before bed and rinse it off in the morning with the Clearing Skin Wash.

Concealing Spot Treatment

Finally, there is the Dermalogica Concealing Spot Treatment. This is an intense treatment product used on acne-prone skin. Concealing Spot Treatment is a unique acne skin care product that will offer you a slight tint which looks natural but also helps you to conceal your breakouts and pimples throughout the day. It is also made with ingredients that help clear your skin in the process, including Zinc Oxide and Sulfur. It is free of Benzoyl Peroxide, artificial fragrance, and artificial colors, so it won’t irritate your skin like other acne products. Before use, shake the bottle well. Apply it over any area you need concealed and re-apply it later in the day if you need to. You should use it over your daily lotion or moisturizer.

Use these Dermalogica products, together or individually as needed, to reduce signs of acne and prevent breakouts.

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