Rosacea – What is it and what products help treat it?

Rosacea is an inflammatory skin condition which includes symptoms such as acne-like redness, pimples, blushing, burning or stinging and irritated watery eyes. Since Rosacea is a chronic condition, it doesn’t go away and must be treated or symptoms may get increasingly worse. While you should see your dermatologist for rosacea treatments, there are a number of products which don’t use artificial colors and fragrances and work great for skin affected by rosacea. All the skin care products listed below are recommended for customers who have been diagnosed with rosacea, as well as those with sensitive skin.


The best cleanser for someone with rosacea or very sensitive skin is the UltraCalming Cleanser by Dermalogica. This cleanser comes in three sizes; 8.4oz, 16.9oz and the travel size which is 1.7oz. UltraCalming Cleanser will effectively clean your skin, removing dirt and oils that can worsen rosacea symptoms while being gentle enough on your skin. The UltraCalming Cleanser comes in a gel form which feels cool on your face and has a calming effect. Apply the cleanser to your face and throat, massaging it into your skin with your fingertips gently. Rinse with warm water and add Barrier Repair or UltraCalming Mist.


Lotions and moisturizers with SPF protection are also important to have when you have sensitive skin from conditions like rosacea. Moisturizers recommended for anyone with rosacea include Barrier Repair, Redness Relief SPF20 and Super Sensitive Shield SPF 30; all by Dermalogica. Barrier Repair not only helps your sensitive skin feel soothed and smoother to the touch, but it will also add a protective barrier between your skin and the harsh air. Apply just a small amount of the Barrier Repair to your face and throat in the morning and night. Redness Relief is a moisturizing product with SPF20 for additional sun protection. It will help relieve and defend against inflammation caused by the rosacea.

The redness of your skin will be lightened with Redness Relief along with a soothing agent to calm down your irritated skin. SPF protection is included in Redness Relief along with vitamin E and other natural ingredients. Lastly, there is Super Sensitive Shield by Dermalogica that is an upgrade and more improved version of Super Sensitive Faceblock SPF30. Super Sensitive Shield includes SPF 30 for optimum protection against the sun’s harsh UVB and UVA rays. Super Sensitive Shield is formulated with botanical extracts and antioxidants to protect against irritation and premature aging. Your skin will be properly hydrated with this gentle formula perfect for someone with overly sensitive skin.

Additional Skin Care Products

There are two more skin care products that work amazingly well for anyone with rosacea. The products are Gentle Soothing Booster by Dermalogica and UltraCalming Mist by Dermalogica. Gentle Soothing Booster is a calming and healing formula that can be applied daily. It should be applied to your skin after your cleanser and before your moisturizer. This product is oil-free and has smoothing botanicals along with honey for a calming and hydrating effect. UltraCalming Mist is also by Dermalogica and available at and also hydrates and soothes your skin. The mist should be sprayed on your face or other areas with rosacea after you have used your daily cleanser. Be sure to keep your eyes closed when spraying the UltraCalming Mist.

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