Stress and Its Effect on Your Skin

We’ve all been there! Stress is inevitable and juggling life’s many activities can be stressful. Stress can affect not only the body and the way it functions, but the way we look. Oftentimes, our skin is the first place that stress decides to sit and permeate. Thankfully, the skin care company Bioelements has a variety of skin care products that will revitalize the skin during stressful times.

Not only does stress make the skin look dull and dry, but also can cause breakouts, redness or dry skin. During stressful times, spa days are perhaps the most relaxing way to de-stress. The best part about this is that it pampers yourself and also gives your skin an overhaul. Whether a facial or a body scrub, revitalizing the skin during its time of need will have it looking better in no time. What are you waiting for? Try these skin care products today for better looking skin tomorrow!

Controlling Breakouts

Try Bioelements’s Breakout Control. This lotion is not only light and hydrating, but also works under makeup or by itself. In a serum form, this skin care product will help control breakouts, promote the skin to heal fast and also helps prevent future breakouts. This product is not recommended for dry skin types as the product is too light to penetrate this type of skin properly. Continued use of this product is drying, so applying it to a dry surface will only make matters worse. To use this product, clean the skin thoroughly and apply where needed (one to three times a day). Start off with one application a day and increase use as results occur.

Stress Solution

This skin care product is another lightweight serum that will protect one’s skin from environment irritants, sensitivity to other impurities and over-exfoliation. Not only will this product calm and cool skin that are stressed, but it will lock in moisture and improve its texture and smooth it overall. To use it, apply a thin layer all over the face and the neck. Use a moisturizer and/or sunscreen in conjunction with this Bioelements Stress Solution skincare product.

Sleepwear For Hands

Skin care doesn’t end at the face or neck, but continues to all the skin on the body. One of the most sensitive areas of the skin is the hands. This Bioelements product, Sleepwear For Hands, will help smooth and soothe dry, sun-damaged or aging hands. This intense skin care product will brighten the skin and soothe any dryness or abnormalities. Apply it before bed each evening for optimal results.

Try any of these great skin care products to help one’s complexion when the skin appears stressed. The best results are found with a regular skincare routine that focuses on problem areas as well as a healthy diet with an exercise regimen. All of those things in conjunction will keep the skin looking its best every day, despite any stress occurring. Look your best each and every day of the year. You owe yourself that much!

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