Clarisonic – What One Is For Me?

As someone with combination skin (oily on the eyelids, dry around the nose and on the cheeks and normal everywhere else), finding skin care products that match your skin tone is important, and can often time be difficult. With the help of a new skin care tool, the Clarisonic, men and women alike with different types of skin can enjoy cleaner, healthier-looking skin in no time.

Choosing a skin care tool that properly cleanses and exfoliates the skin is important. By utilizing a Clarisonic, your skin is given the ability to breathe and grow without oil, dirt or other irritants on it. Clarisonic is easy to use – simply use it before bed each evening to clean the grim and dirt of the day off the skin. Combined with a regular skin care regimen, this skin care tool will improve the look of one’s skin while leaving it looking clear, fresh and glowing. What more could you want from a skin care tool?

Clarisonic Opal

For someone looking for an anti-aging tool, the Clarisonic Opal will do the trick. This small manual tool is used for the eyes for anti-aging results. In just one minute, the tool will massage the skin to smooth, brighten and hydrate the eye and eyelid. As the product is used, the look of the eye improves.

Exfoliating Face Brush

For younger users or just for someone who doesn’t require an intense skin care regimen, the exfoliating face brush is a great tool. This gentle brush used with Dermalogica Cleanser exfoliates the skin and removes and impurities or debris on the surface of the skin. Use a circular motion over the entire face to cleanse and exfoliate properly. Rinse the skin in lukewarm water; do not pat dry.

Classic Clarisonic Mia

Choose a classic Clarisonic Mia in a variety of colors. This revolutionary skin care product offers the ease of an expensive skin care routine with a mere few minutes a day. This sonic technology product works with the skin to remove impurities and leaves the skin soft, smooth and shiny. A Clarisonic comes with the Mia, a charger, a trial size cleanser and a brush head.

Clarisonic PLUS

This type of Clarisonic offers three separate speeds that not only cleanse the face, but also the arms, neck and décolletage. This skin care product offers various control buttons and a timer. Use this Clarisonic PLUS on the knees, elbows and feet to cleanse the whole body’s skin.

Acne Clarifying Collection

This one step acne program offers sonic technology with the click of a button. The Acne Clarifying Collection will cleanse the skin of impurities, oil, dirt and other things that block the pores. This intense cleaning process will, in turn, lead to brighter, cleaner skin free of blemishes and breakouts.

No matter what type of Clarisonic that you choose for your skin, your skin will thank you. Gone are the days of soap and a washcloth! Turn on your Clarisonic each night for healthier and better-looking skin. What are you waiting for? Do this for your skin today!

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