Best Bioelements Products for Dry Skin

 As a 20-something woman, I have found that my skin’s condition is different throughout the year; sometimes my nose can be dry, my eyelids can be oily and my cheeks can be sensitive. Bioelements offers many products that work when you need them for a variety of dry skin conditions you may deal with from time to time. Bioelements is known for their natural, high quality skin care products including those for all skin types. If you suffer from dry and cracked skin, you will find a line of moisturizing, and skin repairing products from Biolements at The following are the top Bioelements products for use on dry skin.

Recovery Serum

Recovery Serum by Bioelements is a product that provides a moisture barrier over your skin to help protect your dry skin and reduce dry patches of skin on your face and neck. It includes natural oils, lipids, and ceramides which will repair your skin damage and redue the dryness by adding in a soft, moisture base that doesn’t feel oily. Not only will you enjoy the appearance of soft and silk skin, but your sunscreen and makeup will go on more evenly for a smooth finish. Recovery Serum is meant for dry and combination skin and should be applied before your moisturizer and/or sunscreen.

Crucial Moisture

Add in some moisture, reduce lines and wrinkles, and soften your skin with Bioelement’s Crucial Moisture. This is a crème-based product that will penetrate quickly into your skin so you don’t have to rub too hard or for too long. It adds in a base of moisture under your makeup, but will not leave an oily residue. It is great for temporary and chronic dry skin and made with natural oils and Chinese herbs. After using Crucial Moisture, you will notice less wrinkles and lines, reduced sun spots, better hydrating, and smoother skin. Apply Crucial Moisture to your face and neck 1-2 times a day.

Lip Buff

If you suffer from dry skin, your lips are most likely affected as well. Lip Buff by Bioelements helps moisture, exfoliate and smooth your lips while removing the dead and peeling skin without burning. The texture of your lips will be smoothed out with the sugar cane crystals in Lip Buff as they exfoliate the dead skin cells of your dry lips. Apply Lip Buff to your lips using your fingertips about 1-3 times a week and rinse off. 

Moisture Positive Cleanser

If you’re looking for a cleanser that will also moisturize your skin, the Moisture Positive Cleanser by Bioelements is a great choice. Moisture Positive Cleanser will remove the makeup, dirt, debris and dead skin cells from your face while adding in moisture to your skin. Your skin will feel soft, smooth and comfortable without having the tight feeling of a rich moisturizer or dry as it was before. Even people with very dry skin can use the Moisture Positive Cleanser. This cleanser should be applied to wet skin and rinsed with cool or lukewarm water 1-2 times a day. 

Really Rich Moisture

Really Rich Moisture is one of Bioelement’s top moisturizing products as it improves the moisture balance of your skin, reduces dryness, and doesn’t leave behind an oily feeling. This is a crème-based moisturizer which saturates deep into your skin and traps moistures in your surface layers with emollients. Your skin will be left soft and replenished and the overall dryness is reduced after each application.

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