Skin Care Tips for Surviving the Winter

The winter can be harsh on your skin, no matter what your climate is. Here in the New York Metro area, we get a harsh winter with off and on frigid temperatures. Moisturizing the skin is important as the cold, windy weather causes extreme dryness and can even lead to more serious conditions like cracking and flaking. If this is the case for you, the following tips will help you to look and feel your best even during the winter season.


Find Out Your Skin Type

The reason this is the first step is because when you begin searching for skin care products, you will need to know which will be best for you. If you have dry skin, you want a moisturizer specifically for dry skin for the best results. If you have normal or combination skin, you can use nearly any type of moisturizer and other skin care products. If your T-zone (your forehead, nose and chin) is oily and your cheeks tend to be dry, you have combination skin. These can also be reversed.


Use a Moisturizer

While you may use a moisturizer occasionally now, you will need to commit to it during the winter. Use the moisturizer twice a day; in the morning before applying your makeup and at night before bed. You may also need to use it once or twice in the middle of the day when your skin starts to feel dry. Use a quality moisturizer meant for your skin type, such as Intensive Moisture Balance by Dermalogica. This moisturizer is excellent in the winter due to its intense level of moisture that lasts throughout the day.

Use Sunscreen

You should also be using sunscreen every day. Believe it or not, it doesn’t just protect your skin during warm weather. The sun can cause a glare during the winter called a snow glare that causes just as much damage as when you experience 90-degree weather in the middle of summer. Apply a sunscreen like the SPF 50 FaceScreen from Bioelements at least 30 minutes before going outside. Making a habit of applying it before your moisturizer and makeup in the morning is a good one to make. Keep in mind this sunscreen isn’t for sensitive skin. If you do have sensitive skin, use a product like Super Sensitive Shield SPF30 from Dermalogica.

Protect Your Hands and Feet

Your face isn’t the only part of your body that gets dry and cracked in the winter; you should also take good care of your hands and feet. Apply a nourishing lotion twice a day at least, such as the Youth Renew Caviar Hand & Foot Cream by Pevonia. This will help maintain a good moisture balance in your skin even when it is cold and windy out. This product includes vitamins, Shea butter and other excellent ingredients.


Finally, provide your skin with moisture from the inside out. You can do this by staying hydrated and drinking water and other clear fluids throughout the day. You may need more water than usual during the winter as you need to replenish the missing moisture to your skin.

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