Repairing Damaged Skin

There are a number of things that can cause damage to your skin over time. You may have damaged skin because of being out in the elements often such as the sun, wind or cold, or you have skin damage because of life’s stress and typical aging. Another factor to consider could be  overused of products. Whatever the reason there are a number of things that you can do to help reverse the wear and tear to revitalize your damaged skin.

The first step is getting back to basics in your skin care regimen. Take the time to set up a plan for caring for your skin every night and morning. You want to start your day by gently cleansing your skin and applying a moisturizer with excellent sun protection such as Bioelements SPF 50 FaceScreen. Making sure to remove your makeup completely every night and applying skin care before bed is essential to helping revitalize your skin. It is important that you fully hydrate your skin to bring back some of the lost elasticity.

After you get back to the basics of skin care, take time to find a quality skin care product such as the Age Smart Skin Kit, which provides you with a number of excellent products to help regain your aged and damaged skin. The kit includes everything that you need to bring your skin back to life. It also offers you radiant, younger looking skin. Cleansers, vitamins and serums come with the kit to give you a well-rounded therapy for your skin.

Once you have achieved a more beautiful skin tone and healthier looking skin, you will want to take the time to keep it that way. Using a quality toner every day and a cleanser that will provide you with the best clean possible can help you to keep the revitalized look of your skin. Making smart choices about what you do to your skin, what you put on it and even what you eat can provide you with better looking skin that endures. Those who indulge in greasy foods and fatty foods are more likely to have troubled skin. Make sure that you are putting into your body the best possible foods so that you are feeding your skin at the same time.

Although you can’t undo all the changes of mother nature you can make great strides by repairing and protecting your skin. Hydrate your skin and remember to care for it  because there are some skin damages that can’t be undone. Make sure you start using products that will benefit your skin and keep it clean. When applying product to your skin remember to remove it completely at the end of the day and pamper yourself with a good masque such as the Dermalogica MultiVitamin Power Recovery Masque. Most importantly be sure that you pay close attention to your skin care regimen.

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